Amazing Widgets with "Mobile-First" Technology!

Fully Customizable with Advanced Functionality!


Unlimited Use of Widgets

Available widgets per your selected website plan plus the ability to "Clone Your Favorite Widgets" to easily replicate it on additional pages "Saving YOU Extra Time"! 

Simply Point-n-Click on a Widget to add it to your site!

Blog Widget

A blog is a collection of articles written by 1 or more authors arranged in the list order.

Post scheduling and a downloadable special event calendar.

Organize your articles any way you want with the ability to add RSS feeds too. 

Open full article in a modal format (separate page) from the list order.

Click Here to Watch the Blog Widget Tutorial

Buttons Widget

Add a single or multiple buttons to a section of your site.

Create buttons for: Internal page, external link, scroll to page section/widget, send email to, start a phone call, start SMS sending to, Skype call, Whatsapp chat, Facebook Messenger chat.

Click Here to Watch the Buttons Widget Tutorial

Catalog Widget

Catalog widget lets you sell multiple products online showing the sale price and crossed-out original price.

Each product is in a section of its own.

Includes shipping costs, sizing & colors, multiple images in a positionable slider, detailed product descriptions, video, add to cart button for easy checkout, open the product in a modal or separate page.

When you have entered your products just turn on eCommerce to begin selling today!

Click Here to Watch the Catalog Widget Tutorial

Content Block Widget

One of the most diverse and most used of our widgets.

Add text, tables, images from your computer or select one from our extensive global library, videos from YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, maps, downloadable attachment files, links, buttons and even count the words.

Include the author, date of the article and the author's bio.

Click Here to Watch the Content Block Widget Tutorial

Coupon Widget

The coupon widget has several uses including discounts, links to a prize, information collection and more.

Simply complete the blanks including title, subtitle, images, and text.

Determine what your customer needs to do to receive the coupon - do nothing, fill in a form, share a link on social media or watch a YouTube video.

Input an expiration date, time and terms of the prize.

Click Here to Watch the Coupon Widget Tutorial

Countdown Widget

The countdown widget can be used to countdown to a specific date and time before revealing the destination website link.

Simply add a title, enter a date, time and time zone, redirected URL once time expires and adjust the style.

Click Here to Watch the Countdown Widget Tutorial

Food Ordering Widget

The food ordering widget allows you to add menu items to your website for customers to purchase online.

The menu will be in a list format, includes prices, quantities, options included, and optional items with additional costs.

Include images or a video, buttons and even a search bar.

Add delivery costs, locations, tips, and order type (dine-in carryout or delivery).

Click Here to Watch the Food Ordering Widget Tutorial

Formcontact Widget

Need a very easy way to allow customers to contact you and also gather their information?

Form Contact contains labels such as name, email, phone and message which your customer can complete.

Connect your account to outside autoresponders such as MailChimp and Get Response or use the internal message inside this widget to send a response.

Also, add your company information to the top of the form to allow customers to contact you with a few clicks.

Click Here to Watch the Formcontact Widget Tutorial

Formfree Widget

The Formfree widget allows you to insert various fields to ask specific questions related to your business.

Create your specific questions when you build this form. Questions such as text, email, text box, select, checkbox, date, file upload, ratings, gender, and country.

Make form fields mandatory to make all fields be completed before submission.

Use our integrated autoresponder or connect your account to another autoresponder such as MailChimp and Get Response.

Click Here to Watch the Formfree Widget Tutorial

Header Widget

The header is always located at the very top of your website and can include links, images, buttons, backgrounds, and videos.

A great area to design one view for mobile-first devices and a totally different view for desktops.

Click Here to Watch the Header Widget Tutorial

List Widget

A super-easy way to show a list of items. Items can have titles, sub-titles, abstracts, search bars, and content too.

Images, modals and a video also make excellent additions.

Like other widgets, you can include author info, attach a file for your customer to download and much more.

Click Here to Watch the List Widget Tutorial

List Preview Widget

The list preview widget shows a preview of a list that you have already made.

Select the list, the number of items you want to display and the order for their display.

Next choose a preview - title only, title and abstract, title and image, title, abstract and image.

Click Here to Watch the List Preview Widget Tutorial

List (rss) Widget

This widget allows you to import an RSS feed or Atom feed directly into your website and customize it.

The feeds are content shown from another website which is then added to your site continually updating.

Insert the RSS feed URL or XML file of that site into your widget. Choose how many to show and how they load.

You can also add more than 1 feed on your site but each must have its own widget.

Click Here to Watch the List (rss) Widget Tutorial

List (search) Widget

The List search widget offers you the choice of which widget to attach it to instead of being inside the list itself. 

Easy to create and style.

Click Here to Watch the List (search) Widget Tutorial

Map Widget

Simple and easy way to add the location of your business to help your customers find you.

Add a title, text, enter your address, create a button, adjust the height if needed and you are done!

Click Here to Watch the Map Widget Tutorial


Prices Widget

The prices widget shows customers the price of a single product, recurring prices and more in a grid format.

Excellent for courses, memberships, and all reoccurring items.

Customizable with style and animation.

A trial option is available too!

Click Here to Watch the Prices Widget Tutorial

Product Widget

The product widget is very similar to the catalog widget. The product widget lets you sell a single product instead of multiple products.

Options include the sale price, original price, shipping costs, sizing, color choices, multiple images for a positionable slider, product description, video and more.

Click Here to Watch the Product Widget Tutorial

Real Estate Widget

The real estate widget is a great way to add properties and rental information on a website.

Each property can display complete details including a map and images in a separate page modal.

Details available in XML format for uploading to another website and also Facebook.

Add buttons to allow easy contact information.

Click Here to Watch the Real Estate Widget Tutorial

Roadmap Widget

The roadmap widget is a great way to display a series of steps you want to guide your customer along with or can be used as a timeline.

Include an image or icon, title, sub-title and text.

Complete with 3 different template views for customization.

Click Here to Watch the Roadmap Widget Tutorial

Scratchcard Widget

The scratch card widget is one of our customer favorites. 

It allows the customer to scratch off a hidden image to win or lose a prize.

Customize the percentage of wins vs loses plus the number of times a day the customer can re-try.

Choose your images displayed, the winning image, and the text for winning.

Click Here to Watch the Scratchcard Widget Tutorial

Code/Script Widget

The code/script widget is used by more advanced website builders to insert code at specific points of your website.

There are many online courses available to teach the use of java scripts and one that we have used can be found here - W3 Schools Online Web Tutorials

Click Here to Watch the Code/Script Widget Tutorial

FB "like" Box Widget

The Facebook Like Box widget allows you to link your business Facebook page to your website so customers can access and even like your Facebook page.

Simply insert your Facebook page URL.

Show different tabs such as recent posts, events, and messages.

Show faces and even reduce the Facebook header size.

Click Here to Watch the Facebook "Like" Box Widget Tutorial

Testimonial Widget

The testimonial widget is a very easy way to add quotes and testimonials to your website.

Upload the person's picture, type their name, title, and testimonial text.

You can even add a button linking to their website, Facebook page or the info you would like displayed.

Click Here to Watch the Testimonial Widget Tutorial

Columns of Text Widget

The columns of text widget allows you to easily display a list of items in column format.

Each item includes a title, sub-title, text, image or icon, and you can add a button to link to a site, email, etc.

Complete the list title and text for explanation.

Used frequently to easily display the company officers and staff.

Click Here to Watch the Columns of Text Widget Tutorial

Thumbnails Widget

The thumbnail widget is a very easy way to add multiple images and icons into thumbnail versions on the website.

Add each picture individually, include a title and subtitle if desired. 

When all are added you can rearrange the order if needed.

Each thumbnail when clicked will display in modal fashion if clicked.

Click Here to Watch the Thumbnails Widget Tutorial