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We are honored that you care to trust us with your business.

We don't consider ourselves experts, though we have learned a lot about websites and businesses. We'll do the best we can to help you. If your question is out of our league, we'll be honest and say so.

And, of course, we are not lawyers or paid business consultants. Consider us friends trying to help another friend. At the end of the day, your business is your business and you're responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take.

Please, be as descriptive and precise as possible. The more thought you put into your question or issue you are facing the better the odds of us being able to provide a useful response.

If you feel a screenshot of your desktop or issue would be helpful for us as well as our team but do not have a screenshot tool here is a link to a free one called Jing from TechSmith we have used it for years. Just download the file, it places a yellow sun icon on the edge of your screen, mouse over the sun, select the cross arrows and select the area you want to record or screenshot.  The software will save the file where you tell it. Then you can add the file to an email for added explanation.

TechSmith Jing Tool

Thank you for being an important part of our family,

Your "Mobile-First" Team

P.S. Remember Your Success Is Our Success By Working Together!

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