About Mobile-First.us

Mobile-First.us is a Veteran-Owned Small Business.


Mobile-First.us uses the New "Mobile-First" Website Design and Website Builder Technology to design and build websites "Mobile-First" in compliance with Google's Best Practices and Google's New "Mobile-First" Indexing and Ranking Algorithm, effective July 1, 2019.


The days of other Website Platforms building websites Desktop First then downsizing and squeezing into Mobile Devices with Yesterday's Technology called - "Mobile Friendly & Mobile Responsive" - are over, "IF" you Depend on Google's Indexing and Ranking for Your Website or Business Website's Success, Today - let alone - Tomorrow!


"The NEW Revolution and Future of Website Building Today"!


The Proprietary, Closed Source, State-of-the-Art "Mobile-First" Technology has the functionality and capability to determine what is viewed on Mobile Devices and determine what is viewed on Desktop Devices.


Closed Source, giving you the "Peace of Mind" when it comes to Your Website or Business Website's - Security, Updates, Upgrades, and Backups! Never Again, worry about Wordpress Updates Breaking Websites or Wordpress Plugin Conflicts! It is all done "Automagically"!

This technology allows for Optimizations, Enhancements, and Benefits - independently - for both Mobile Users and Desktop Users using the same URL and at Warp Speed!


Test Your Website Speed Today!


The Mobile-First.us "All-in-One Platform" was designed for everyone seeking Success with their Website or Business Website along with the "Ability to Stay Ahead of the Curve" with Google's Algorithms!

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In Summary: If you are a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad, Entrepreneur, Solopreneuer, Blogger, Author, Copywriter, Content Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, E-Commerce, or Local - Small - Medium-sized Business, Mobile-First.us is "Perfect For You"!


Your Friends In Business,


"Mobile-First" Team


P.S. Remember Your Success Is Our Success By Working Together!


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How to contact us:


Name: Mobile-First.us


Address: 17977 SE 83rd Rawcliffe Ct, Ste. 101, The Villages, FL 32162


Phone: 352-325-2757


Email: Admin@Mobile-First.us


Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm Eastern